FaceSwap Ai Pipeline

Our Telegram bot for creating deep fakes simplifies the process into three easy steps.

First, upload your 'Source Image,' which serves as the basis for the transformation.

Next, input your desired 'Target,' which can range from a prompt, static image, animated GIF, video, or even a TikTok URL.

Finally, sit back and let our bot work its magic, generating an 'Output' that seamlessly merges the characteristics of the source and target, creating a realistic and captivating deep fake.


With just a few clicks, you can transform any face into a stunning deepfake using our innovative technology.

Our bot supports various inputs, including prompts, static images, animations, videos, and TikToks, giving you endless creative possibilities.

Explore our three informative videos to learn how easy it is to use our bot and unleash your imagination with deepfake creations.
Static Images & Animations
Tiktok Video