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Complete control to swap anything you want for FREE
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Prompt "elon dancing on the moon"

Absolute Freedom

Regardless if the content is politically incorrect, 18+, or simply a meme, Ai should never control what humans can or cannot do.

In protest to big-tech, we have released a completely free model giving our users absolute control over the Ai.

Prompt "elon dancing on the moon"

Our Platform

User Friendly

Easily swap faces and generate deep fakes using our Telegram bot.

Instant Results

High performance Ai images are swapped within seconds using our custom algorithm

Model Magic

Our model was created from scratch and is not at the mercy of any third party regulations.

Full Support

Our team is here 24/7 to ensure the stability and performance of the platform.

Pixel Perfect

State of the art diffusion-model has been custom trained to generate high quality images.

Privacy Focused

No accounts, No signup, No payment is required. Enjoy our model with absolute freedom.

FaceSwap Ai Functions​

Text Prompt
Use text to swap faces however you want there are no restrictions
Static Images
Swap faces in photos, perfect for memes and deep fake content
Reimagine animations with smooth, face swaps on video and GIFS
Deep Fake TikToks with unique, Deep fake face swaps

Quick Questions

We believe that humans should control Ai, not the other way around.

Our mission is to bring unregulated, unfiltered, free to use Ai to the masses. While developing this technology, we converged towards the Deep Fake Ecosystem, and gained traction in the crypto space.

To better concentrate these efforts, we felt it was necessary to adjust our branding to reflect our mission and our technological focus.
Running Ai at scale is not cheap. One option is to pay-per-minute on cloud providers, who could ultimately drain our bank accounts or shut us down. The other option is to purchase hardware and stand up servers on our own. We chose the latter. This way we have full control over not only our development pipe-line, but the routing and networking that is required for delivering fast and high-quality faceswaps at scale.

As you can imagine, all this hardware comes at a price and is not cheap. Other uses of funds are put towards marketing and development.
Join our telegram channel and group, then message /start to the bot to register, and that’s it!! Once registered you will be able to swap static images, use text2img, generate gifs and other animations.

As you build rank, you will eventually be able to render MP4s and TikToks. All renders, regardless of rank, are completely free. We do not limit how often you can use the bot, or what you can and cannot render.

This is a total free service with absolute freedom to use how you would like.
We have 100 million tokens in supply, there is a 4/4 tax on buys and sells and a fantastic community behind this project who want to see our vision through. This is not a short term play, but a synergy between crypto and a vision to bring unregulated Ai to the masses.

Ultimately, blockchain technology was originally designed as a free, unregulated, decentralized technology which is the perfect place to kick-start the unregulated, decentralized deepfake ecosystem.